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  1. The Advantages of the 800 calorie HCG Diet Plan

    By Admin

    The HCG weight loss program was first introduced in the late 1960s. It is famous for providing just 500 calories a day. It has helped thousands of people lose weight, but there are some people who find the diet rather difficult.  Now HCG program advocates have come up with a new HCG diet pan regime – one that provides 800 calories – intended precisely to help these people.

    The HCG diet recipe of the 800 calorie a day diet is not a lot different from the original recipe. The foods are the same: veggies, fruits, sea food, lean meats for lunch and dinner, and unlimited amounts of tea or coffee and one piece of melba toast and one tablespoon of milk for breakfast.  The only difference is you get more of the foods in the food list. The modified diet does not mean you can change the foods in the list and you have to make sure that the additional calories you get are not more 300 calories. When you buy the diet foods, look at the number of calories in the packages.

    The 800 calorie diet does not change the HCG diet timeframe. It is still 23 days or 40 days. The 23 day plan is applied when you have less than 15 pounds to lose, while the 40 day plan is applied when you have 15 pounds or more to lose. You also have to administer the same amount of HCG hormone – 125 to 200 daily. The method of HCG administration remains the same.  You can do it either via the HCG diet drops or injections.

    So what is the main difference between the two plans? Well, to people who find 500 calories difficult to handle, the extra 300 should make the HCG program a lot easier.

    Despite the fact that the HCG hormone facilitates the release of calories out of the body fats you burn, the HCG program does not recommend exhausting exercise routines. Kevin Trudeau’s HCG diet, a slightly modified version of Dr. Simeon’s original HCG diet, allows one hour of leisurely walk each day and that’s about it. This is because you need the calories to sustain the efficient functions of your body organs. You will have energy problems when you use up calories doing exercises instead of using them for maintaining the health of your organs.

    People who lead active lives or earn their living doing manual work are among those who find the 500 calorie really difficult. They need to get more calories in order for them to do whatever it is they do every day. The alternative 800 calorie diet is perfect for them. The exercise or manual labor permits them to lose the same amount of calories they lose from following the 500 calorie program.

    There is no reason why you should not benefit from the advantages of the HCG diet. When you find yourself unable to deal with the original recipe because of hunger or other negative effects you can always switch to the 800 calorie diet plan.


  2. Why HCG Diet Results in Fast and Safe Weight Loss

    By Admin

    You would not expect that the HCG diet results in fast and safe weight loss. The HCG diet because of some negative observations written about it has established a reputation of being difficult.   Those who have undergone the diet program, though, would attest that it is safe and the one to two pounds it’s supposed to shed off your body daily is not a hoax.

    There is a logical reason why HCG has become one of the most popular diets nowadays. Just like more modern diets, the diet has been in existence of decades, it success is based on its ability to actually change your eating habits, from bad to healthful. You’d ask how this is possible when the HCG program last just a few weeks. Well, except for the very limited calorie consumption, the HCG diet is healthy. You will have vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat even and lots of liquids. You get complete nourishment, so that after you have lost weight you simply add the appropriate amount of calories and the result is your permanent diet.

    The fast weight loss is not hard to believe. After all the program supplies just 500 calories a day, though, there is version which allows up to 800 calories.  You will probably have more problems understanding how the diet can be safe considering the normal daily caloric requirement of the body is 2500 calories a day. This is where the beauty of the program comes in. While dieting you are to take 125 to 200 IUs of the HCG hormone. Secreted by women who are pregnant, this hormone has been confirmed though studies to have the ability to induce a fast metabolism.

    what does a fast metabolism mean to the safety of the HCG diet? Since you are not required to perform exercises, you get to use the extracted calories for keeping your body systems working efficiently.  This continuous fat burning process generates the energy you need to fend off the potentially severe HCG diet side effects including hunger pangs.

    Food cravings is a natural consequence of not eating the amount of calories you are used to.  You will also feel a little giddy and you will have mood swings. These discomforts will not get worse. Foods that are rich in fiber and protein stay longer in the stomach. You feel full much longer than other diets. In time as your body adjusts to the diet and the hormone goes to work, all of these discomforts will disappear altogether.

    The HCG hormone is taken thrice a day if you are administering it through the HCG drops method, once a day if through the injections. Most people like the drops better than the injections which is not surprising. Not many feel comfortable with the injections particularly since the HCG weight loss program is designed as do-it-yourself affair.

    The HCG weight loss program has the perfect combination for losing pounds fast and safely. It’s got a nourishing diet which helps address hunger issues and it has the HCG hormone, a hormone natural to the human body, which speeds-up the metabolic process.

  3. How the HCG Diet Program Works

    By Admin

    There are many things to like about the HCG diet program.  It’s one of those diets which work really fast.  You are able to lose approximately one to two pounds daily. Most diet experts recommend solving a weight problem slowly. To them what makes a weight solution good is if it works on helping you break a bad eating habit and helping you an exercise regimen.  A diet and exercise combination is considered as the best solution any weight problem.

    The HCG diet program short as it is has been found by many deters to be as effectively as any of the proven diet and exercise combinations. It works on changing you eating habits because it teaches you what foods helps you to lose weight and provides you good health as well.

    Many of the low diets nowadays which promise to fix your weight problem in a short time often eliminate good foods from your diet. So you do not get enough nutrition. Not so with the HCG diet. It recommends all kinds of foods – fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood. Its only demand is that you do not consume more than 800 calories daily. At this level of calorie consumption, you can be sure to lose extra pounds.

    The HCG diet works in tandem with the HCG hormone. This hormone possesses certain powers which help you lose weight while not suffering from the uncomfortable effects of the very low calorie HCG diet. First, it makes the accumulated fat readily available for burning. Second, it limits hunger pangs. It does these things by influencing the way the hypothalamus, the part of the brain which regulates the appetite and metabolism, works.

    Curbing hunger pangs starts with improving the performance of the metabolism. In this the hormone and diet works together. The HCG diet is a detox. Once the toxins are expunge out your body, your digestive and other systems work a lot more efficiently. Instead of storing the fats you begin burning them.

    All the fats being burned produces great amount of calories that your blood carries to all your body cells. This helps your body hold hunger at bay much longer. More important, you never find yourself losing energy. Because of this, your body is able deal not just with hunger pangs but with more serious HCG side effects.  All in all, apart from the hunger pangs, what you will experience from the program are only slight moodiness and mild headaches.

    The HCG diet plan also helps reduce food cravings. You will probably find this hard to believe. You cannot deny, though, that there are certain food types that take time to break down into nutrients. The diet features these foods. You do not need to eat a lot to feel full and that feeling will stay with you much longer.

    The diet runs 23 or 40 days. Your choice of time frame depends on how much pounds you have to lose. After losing weight you go into a three week maintenance diet which should not be difficult to adopt. The maintenance diet is very similar to your weight loss diet. You get the same proteins and fibers. You only have to add the appropriate amount of calorie for the energy. Naturally, you have to make sure you do not go back to your previous calorie-laden diet. In any case, this represents a healthy change in your diet.


  4. The HCG Hormone Diet Side Effects

    By Admin

    Everybody wants to lose weight in a hurry. This is not at all surprising. Nobody wants to be going around with bulges all over. This is why fad diets have become very popular.  Fad diets as some health and fitness experts would say are weight loss programs that feature very low calorie diet routines which allow rapid weight loss, but do not let you enjoy your gains for long. Usually, you regain lost pounds a short time after completing such programs. Fad diets are also difficult to manage. Side effects are often really hard to cope with.

    There are people who would classify the HCG hormone diet as nothing but a fad diet simply because it has the characteristics of fad diets. It is one of the programs that provide the fewest amounts of calories and it promises not less than one half pound off the body in a day. They think the diet is unsafe and in the event you finish the 23 or 40 day diet to actually lose weight, you’ll not be able to resist going on an eating spree. The deprivation would be simply too much.

    One reason why the HCG weight loss program has lasted despite the not so favorable things that some people say about it is it does not have the serious side effects people expect. Though the diet is very low calorie, you will experience nothing more severe than the food cravings, mild depression and lightheadedness that are common side effects of all very low calorie diets.

    The HCG diet side effects do not include physical weakening contrary to what some misinformed people would have you believe. Built-up body fat normally is not easy to eliminate. You got to diet and follow a rigorous exercise regime. You can totally dispense with the exercise when you use the HCG diet. The HCG hormone displaces body fat from where they have settled, making them available for burning. And since you are not exercising, the fats are used to energize the body. Your organs do their work efficiently even if you are getting drastically reduced calories from the HCG diet.

    You are not required to do specially things to make the food cravings and hunger pangs go away. The HCG is chiefly made up foods that make you feel full a lot faster. These foods -vegetables, fruits, fatless meat, some sea foods – also last a lot longer in the stomach.  The HCG diet plan includes drinking not less than 2 liters of water a day. Anytime you feel food cravings, you can always take a sip of drink water.

    The HCG hormone makes losing weight extra easy. It only works for weight loss, though, under a specific condition which initiates its powers. The condition is the HCG diet, formulated precisely for activating the HCG in your body. The hormone is really just a waste of money when you do not follow the HCG diet.

    As you can see, the benefits of the HCG hormone are long term. Because you do not feel very deprived during the low calorie diet, you are not inclined to go into food binges after you have finished the program. It is not difficult for you to sustain your diet gains.


  5. Is the HCG Diet Really Safe?

    By Admin

    You will hear some people complaining about the HCG diet.  The HCG diet is too low calorie, they say.  It provides far fewer calories than most of the other low calorie diets and they think this level of calorie consumption can lead to certain health issues.

    What is the truth about the HCG diet? It is really safe? You’ll find that a number of supposed health and fitness experts have a rather unfavorable view of the diet.  They decry the fact that the purported powers of the HCG hormone – the powers to reduce food cravings and speed-up the metabolic process – have not been really validated by scientific studies.  This puts into doubt claims of advocates that the HCG diet is safe. They portray a scenario where you will run out of energy long before you reach the last day of the diet.

    The negative view of the experts may sound convincing, but the question of the diet’s safety can only be answered satisfactorily by those who have undergone the diet themselves.  They’ll tell you several things about the diet. One is about the hunger pangs. Unlike popular belief, you can easily tolerate the hunger pangs produced by the HCG diet.  And this is not just due to the HCG hormone.  The diet itself despite being very low calorie helps reduce hunger pangs. This is because the HCG diet recipe is mostly made up of protein and fiber rich foods like vegetables, fruits, some types of lean meat and seafood.  These are foods that you do not need to eat a lot to feel full and they take a lot of time in order to be digested completely.  In addition, you are required to drink 64 ounces of water each day and this also helps ease the hunger pangs.

    How about the issue of energy that critics often raise to dissuade people from engaging the HCG program? Well, from the time the HCG program was introduced in the latter part of the 1960”s nobody has been reported to have suffered physical breakdown.

    Not all experts deny the effectiveness o f the HCG hormone. Some believe actual users saying that the hormone works. They know there are such things as placebo effect where cures are effective even if you cannot explain why.  Indeed, how can one survive a diet such as the HCG if the HCG doesn’t work?

    So, how does the HCG hormone prevent serious HCG diet side effects?  The hormone keeps the metabolism burning body fat round the clock. The metabolized fat is converted into calories which are carried by the blood to all parts of the boy, keeping the cells healthy and functioning efficiently.  You may not be getting a lot of calories from the diet, but your body generates enough to prevent worrying side effects.

    Another thing that ensures you will not suffer from scarcity of energy sources is the two day calorie loading period. This period precedes the low calorie diet period. During the two days, you are encouraged to eat nothing but your desired calorie loaded foods. The extra calories you acquire from the two days of calorie gorging make it easy for you to adjust to the low calorie phase.

    Is the HCG diet safe? Most users will tell you that it is.